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Who Are We?

There's a world where ideas that 'should have been/could have been' exist. Ideas that are in the air floating around, can almost taste them. Ideas so palpable you instinctively know they must exist on some other planet; on some other plane of existence. Legendary comic book writer/editor/historian/guru Roy Thomas calls this world 'Earth 22'. A world where things and places that seem so vividly real in our imaginations have actual physical form and place in history. I must admit I like to live or visit this world often.

This was a show that seemed so real to me. It seemed as if it actually aired. Their were scenes of Gary Seven jumping off a scaffold in a very Mannix type of way in my head. Espionage scenes of him narrowly escaping an exploding desert fort. Playful man and woman attraction and sexual tension between Teri Garr's character and Robert Lansing. All these scenes fueled me on to write the soundtrack to such a cool concept and show.

The Patterson Brothers


I am a musician/school teacher who has written and performed music for radio commercials; always keeping in mind the biggest market, most professional feel I could bring to them. I've arranged music for a musical (about the town of Post Texas; yes Post'll be great and is supposed to be open next summer (07) in the town of Post written by Chip Polk). I've written for mariachi band, jazz band, marching band, various brass, woodwind and string ensembles and have done some work for internet sites. I grew up being very influenced by the music of shows I watched as a kid. I remember Saturday mornings being very excited to hear the exhilarating theme of the Batman cartoons that were mostly voiced by Ted Knight (he did the Joker, Riddler, & the Penguin and was the voice over guy too). I can still sing it to this day. As I've's about the music. Great themes can make a show a hit. I'm convinced of it. How many people tuned into to Taxi just to hear Bob James' 'Angela's Theme' on the opening credits? I did. It was the reason I stayed till the end. I hear there's a trend of doing away with opening theme songs. Audience attention span is too short or something. The show Alias shows their opening credits almost 15 minutes into the show sometimes. We all need to slow down maybe. Some shows have dropped the theme song all together. Networks can't risk losing their audiences attention between commercials. Sad. That's a shame. It's a lost art if it's true. And while I'm on the subject, I want people to stop talking at the ends of shows over the theme songs to tell me what's coming up next. Great old shows and movies get butchered enough for commercials and now they talk on top of the end credits of Bob Newhart, Dick Van Dyke, The Wild, Wild West or Magnum P.I.?!...not to mention shows like Get Smart and The Addams Family whose opening and closing credits were an experience onto themselves. Let a warm fuzzy happen until the show's over. Shut up already and let it happen! That used to be part of the experience of watching a show. A whole experience from beginning to end. I'd like to see the art form of TV themes come back. I'd like to see the whole experience of a show creating a mood for the viewer come back as an honored tradition. I'd like to help be a part of that.

In short, Who Are We? To para-phrase Gene Wilder's Willie Wonka (the only one to me...despite what Roald Dahl thought) 'We dream the dreams and we are the dreamers.' I'm a slightly disenfranchised lover of entertainment done well and done with artistic pride. I am someone whose idealism has a hold on him and who still holds onto that idealism. I'm a person who would like to make money off my ideas and perhaps have a positive influence.

That's for my brothers who helped with this endeavor.


Michael is a man of few words. He expresses himself through his art, his musicianship, and, when he does speak, through his hilarious wit. I just wish he would help me to help him to promote these talents so that others might know them as well.

In any case, here is a small site showing off some of his paintings and illustrations.


I've got nothing to say, but its OK. Good Morning! Good Morning!

OK, I do have something to say, but I'll save it for some blog some other time.

What I will say is I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. I was one of the sound engineers for this project and I am the web designer. Both roles involved steep learning curves (There is always something more to learn, fix and add). The website has been much more challenging as I am constantly improving and tweaking it. I am still not satisfied with its look and feel yet.

I am the one to figure out how the technicalities to make happen what we need happen. Not choosing the musical path my brothers took, I have also been their audience. I have always enjoyed working with my brothers and have always felt that we should and could combine our technical and artistic talents to work together. Unfortunately, we lack that elusive element that would allow us to work together right opportunity? And just as unfortunatley we have the need to eat and pay rent.

We three are, in a way, round pegs that have managed to fit into square holes...the civilized Kirks who manage to fit into the mirror universe. We are working together to find our place. None of us have had much spare time to work on this project, but we realize that we are not getting any younger and it is time that we try to realize our dreams.

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