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Theme Two

Theme Two is admittedly not as deep in substance as Theme One. I call it my bubble gum theme. It has a quick pay off and has more of a rock n roll feel with jazzy sax riffs and bright screaming high trumpet hits. In this one I see the bass guitar as Seven's theme, the harpsichord as the cat's and the flutes once again as Roberta's. This is my attempt at writing a theme that would be more suited for a show portraying Lansing as more of a playboy spy. There's no telling which way a network will go to sell a show. I could see them going this direction with the show.

Robert E. Howard, author of Conan the Barbarian, wrote that he felt that Conan himself stood at his shoulder dictating the tales of the barbarian to him. Now, I'm not going to say Rodenberry or even Lansing appeared to me but I definitely felt a spirit of the times as I wrote these themes. I was inspired.

I felt I got close. At least I hope I did.

Gary Seven Theme Two Music

Opening Credits


Flute/Piccolo - Lisa Lester

Clarinet - Michael Patterson

Alto/Tenor Sax - Mark Dooly

French Horn - 'Crazy' Carl Brower

Trumpet - Keith Jourdan, Andy Patterson

Trombone/Bass Trombone - Paul Birk

Drum Set - Dick Shotwell

Violin - Dr. Peter Isaacson

Viola - Kathy Patterson

Cello - Dr. Tido Janssen

String Bass - David Devoto

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