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Theme One my attempt at making the show's theme sound like a traditional spy show but with a hint of the out of this world influence it would have. True, my influences are many from John Barry to John William but I was consciously trying to write an original theme that might have been from that time period without directly copying anything. There's a single riff or motive that acts as a theme for each of the characters on the show through the use of different instruments. For instance, I think of Gary Seven as being the trumpet section. The flute and piccolo are Roberta's theme. When the saxophones come in they are Isis's theme. And the servo-pen has it's own theme in the form of an arpeggiated harpsichord figure. I think we would have heard it every time the servo is used and think it makes a nice part of the opening credit theme.

Gary Seven Theme One Music

Opening Credits


Flute/Piccolo - Lisa Lester

Alto/Tenor Sax - Mark Dooly

French Horn - 'Crazy' Carl Brower

Trumpet - Keith Jourdan, Andy Patterson

Trombone/Bass Trombone - Paul Birk

Tuba - Marta Ocampo

Drums/Timpani - Dick Shotwell

Bongos - Dick Shotwell

Congas - Steve 'Stevo' Flores

Violin - Dr. Peter Isaacson

Viola - Kathy Patterson

Cello - Dr. Tido Janssen

String Bass - David Devoto

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