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Roberta Lincoln

Roberta Lincoln

As played by a young Teri Garr (I believe her first television work) was Gary Seven's sidekick and the "groovy", youth point of view in the waning days of hippiedom. She was introduced in the Star Trek episode Assignment: EARTH as a young hippie-esque girl who had stumbled into Seven's world and now for better or worse he was stuck with her. She was pretty, smart and assuredly would've provided a comedic foil to Lansing's very straight Gary Seven. We also were probably in store for a humorous rivalry between Roberta and the cat Isis (or was she a cat?) She and the cat don't hit it off from the get go. This is another element this ST episode cleverly sets up all within this one show. Despite what some say, I have always thought it was very well done -- and not one of the weaker Star Trek episodes. On the contrary, I've always felt it did something shows of today lack -- it told the story and all it's elements well. Another thing it had that shows of today don't usually have -- it had good writing. Think about the elaborate premise, it's principal characters, their devices and their environment this show introduced all within the confines of a Star Trek episode. Amazing, I think.

We can see Roberta's character getting into all sorts of trouble and in the opening credits we put together -- I hope to some day put her on a ski slope and in a casino. (Two places you have to go if you're a spy.)

I have heard it said that Teri Garr, like Martin Sheen's character Captain Willard in "Apocalypse Now" -- basically disavows any knowledge of having participated in said activities. She's been interviewed several times on the subject of this episode and refuses to speak of it. Something about the wig Roddenberry made her wear, the short ugly pink striped mini skirt, the misogynistic way she was treated on set by higher ups...something, whatever. I don't know, don't care. I think if it genuinely makes people happy, and she's gone on and prospered, suffered no real ill effects from it, -- then she should go with it and acknowledge it. Had the series been picked up I think she would have been a star from it. Would she have been in Young Frankenstein? Close Encounters? Maybe, still. Maybe not. Who cares. That kind of bad attitude is the kind of thing that turns one off about celebrities and almost sours my thoughts on her and the project. I'm willing to forgive. I wasn't there and don't know the whole story. Still don't care. I still think if she truly does have bad feelings about it she should get over it.

I've always liked Teri Garr and she would've been nice to look at too. So there.

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