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Isis as a Mysterious Woman


Gary Seven's black cat and trusted companion. From the beginning we get the sense that there is more to her than meets the eye. We also get the sense right away that the two have been through much together, have experienced many missions together and are very close. This is another thing this episode does very well to set up in a short time and gives only hints of great things to come. I've always thought this was the heart of the show; the relationship between Seven and his cat Isis. He talks to her, brings her with him on missions in all sorts of venues. I mean, forget the gadgets, transporters, and computers, - how unusual is it for a grown man to carry a cat in public with him all over? Isis is a shape shifter (we see her turn into an attractive brunette) and it appears can do so at will. Just what is her true form? How long can she hold different shapes at a time? I've always been of the opinion that the cat was her true form. She is also jealous of Roberta and this would have served well as a time worn staple and character idiosyncrasy of the show. She no doubt, would have been of great aid to Seven in many missions. She speaks in what appears to be just standard cat (growls, hisses and meows to us) but Seven understands her perfectly and she understand his spoken word. This was almost 9 years before Chewbacca and Han Solo came onto the scene and exhibited a similar sort of communication. Most of Isis' growls and meows were voiced by character actress and two time guest star on Star Trek, Barbara Babcock. She was also the voice of the Beta 5 computer (sometimes mis-credited as Majel Barret who did the voice of the computer on the Enterprise. I've noticed that the G4 channel seems to get some things like this wrong occasionally)

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