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Beta 5

Beta 5

This was Seven's chief tool in fighting crime; a fold out in wall computer located in his groovy bachelor pad penthouse apartment in New York. The computer, voiced by Barbara Babcock, also served as another voice/character for him to dialogue with. Probably something the writers would have utilized a lot to aid in the narrative element of the stories. The Beta 5 was a self realized, or what we would call today, artificial intelligence device. It no doubt would give him orders each week of his new mission, serving much the same as the self destruct messages Peter Graves' Jim Phelps character received his orders from at the beginning of every Mission Impossible episode. The Beta 5 could replicate small objects (new props, fake id's, etc. each week) and no doubt was his link back to the home world. This thing could do lots of things and could rival the Bat Computer which was displayed on Batman at the time. All sorts of plot devices and interesting dialogue would have come from this cool invention/addition to the show.

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